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Nice little clicker: i feel like you could expand on the cake concept to make a full game pretty easily, different cakes, different upgrades, maybe different kitchen locations, would be really fun to see it developed more.


Thanks MadMilligan for the ideas I will be updating it in the future !!!
Glad you enjoyed it !!!


Achei fofo d+!!!

Obrigado GabrielDev!!!

Muito obrigado Cakiiih !! :D 

Clean and smooth :) Love the animations and simple design

Thanks Pygo! :D

Nice game flow.

Thanks :D

Depois das correções que você fez melhorou bastante! Parabéns.

Valeu !!!

 Nice drawn, it has its own style and its relaxing to play


Thanks for playing the game !!!
I'm very glad you played!

Really Fun to play also it seems a bit to slow.. Over all Great!   

(The Video Will be Out Tomorrow!)

Thanks for the video !!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game !!

I enjoyed it! The art style was nice

Thanks Jessica!!

was fun to play!

Thanks!! :D